Waste Liability Management
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Updated: 11/21/2019
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Waste Liability Management - WasteTrak
WasteTrak® is an industrial waste liability management tool that provides central storage and internal sharing & retrieval of a company’s waste management information.

"Cradle-to-grave" responsibility can invite substantial fines and multi-million dollar remediation costs when your waste is improperly handled, treated or disposed. WasteTrak® will ensure that your waste management information is organized and up-to-date, allowing you to manage your waste disposal risk.

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Client Area
SiteTrak - Waste site managment SiteTrak - for facility audit management. Your waste facility audit reports distributed, archived and protected.
DocTrak - Document Storage DocTrak - for housing your company’s procedures and other important documents in a protected area where they are readily available to all users.
VendrTrak - Waste vendor financials VendrTrak - for reviewing waste facility financial status. Check the financial solvency factors of facilities handling your waste.
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Industry Briefs
The largest renewable natural gas (RNG) project in Indiana is underway by Indianapolis-based Kinetrex Energy at the South Side Landfill. When complete, the facility will turn methane produced by the landfill into about 8 million gallons of RNG each year in a process they say will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create a renewable energy resource and lower fuel costs. Kinetrex will take the cleaned-up gas and place it in the Citizens Gas distribution system, liquefy it and use it for long-haul trucking. It is estimated the facility will reduce methane emissions by about 17,000 tons per year and carbon dioxide emissions by about 41,000 tons per year, or the equivalent of removing up to 19,000 passenger cars from the road each year.

Visit https://www.wastetrak.com/newstrak/article.asp?ID=3225 for more information.
Health and Safety Plans
Health and Safety Plans - Hasp Online Affordable and efficient way to create and manage your HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) site-specific health and safety plans.
Job Safety Analysis
Job Safety AnalysisJSABuilder.com is an online service that enables safety professionals, managers, supervisors, foremen, and task leaders to easily conduct and document OSHA compliant job safety analyses.
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